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Gruppo Boster


Over the years the Boster Group has developed extremely specialised knowhow and skills in the processing of transparent plastics. We use PVC, PET and PPL (polypropylene) in high thicknesses (from 0.2 mm to 1.2 mm).
All the materials are extremely recyclable, ranging from recycling code 01 to code 05.

PPL (polypropylene) is the softest, most delicate material, ideal also for contact with foodstuffs. It can be printed using offset or screen printing, and is especially ideal for rounded forms of packaging that require flexibility. PPL is durable over time, and if produced in its opaque form, is scratch and wear-resistant. Boster Group holds good stocks of opaque and transparent PPL ranging from thicknesses of 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm. PPL can be heat-welded, so the flap can be melted, guaranteeing a 100% recyclable product.

PET is more recyclable and transparent. It is more rigid than PPL and is therefore used more for high-volume production food packaging. Offset printing produces an excellent result with both internal and external printing. The high level of transparency of the material allows light to be used in the print result which gives the packaging additional value.

Like PET, PVC is extremely transparent, but has a lower recycling code (03).