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Gruppo Boster

The Group

The Boster Group brings together several decades of experience in offset and screen printing on large-format (100x140 cm) and high-thickness (up to 1.2 mm) plastics with in-depth knowhow in transparent plastics manufacture and processing (PPL, PVC, PET) for packaging and boxes. The recent addition of large-format high-quality decals makes the Boster Group unique in the manufacture of packaging, prints and design articles. Located in the province of Verona, the Boster Group has clients throughout Italy.


The Boster Group applies creativity, quality and experience to the design and manufacture of packaging and merchandising to support their clients’ marketing and communication activities.


Stefano Perlato
Founder of ARSEA and Group Chairman. Works on new technology development.
Elisa Perlato
Director-General of the Group and Managing Director of Boster. responsible for sales and marketing policies.